Illustration work 3
Energy Price time bomb (£)
for Big Issue about youth speak
plastic supermarket packaging going to landfill
For FT. About China investing in third world countries
Tiredness at school can cause lack of concentration.
Favourite foods
Cost of home maintenance
About managers failing to see the potential in their staff.
About coming out of depression
Greedy Bankers
For TES about the method of 'SHANARRI'. An acronym meaning the education development of a child looking at different aspects.
For a US consumer magazine about squeezing the budgets
Brains take a while to get going in the mornings!
Im not calling you a skin-flint but..
For the Guardian about the body and the mind being separate entities
About having an obsessive stalker
about generating electricity by using the methane from waste food
Baked beans have a surprising amount of protein in them
For Big Issue about lazy teenagers with no ambitions.
Happy Valentine's day to me: About celebrating and choosing to be a single.  The Love heart sweets would normally have words like "be mine" and "kiss me" but as they symbolise courtship in this piece, I have changed the words.
day dreamers
about being locked into a contract
London Underground in rush hour
Working from home
Illustration work 3

Illustration work 3

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