Trauma is the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 46.​​​​​​​
Aid Academy is the result of a two semester long BFA project out of BYU-Idaho. Savannah Nettesheim, Jade Gregerson and myself spent the first semester (14 weeks) researching the topic of complexity, where I spent the majority of my research understanding complex decision making. (The results of this research can be seen on my site under Complexity.)

The second semester I focused on creating a solution to solving the complex decisions of life and death made by medical field professionals. Based on research, I found that the best solution for medical emergencies is increasing the abilities of first responders, this is done by making everyone a first responder.

The results of this project are larger than just brand design, Aid Academy is rich in the human experience of learning and developing. The Academy's design gives participants a more effective process for learning the skills necessary to help other by creating experiences that are centered heavily in personal motivation and real-life training.
The Problem
“Someone else will help”
No one ever plans to get hurt, but it happens, a lot. This creates two major problems for the general public:
1. If someone is experiencing a medical emergency, an ambulance is on average 10 minutes away. 
2. Everyday people are under-prepared to help in these types of emergencies.

The Solution
Civilians Saving Lives
There needs to be a hero in every crowd, just in case things go south. Someone who’s ready to step up and help during these medical emergencies.
Aid Academy is personalized and specialized first aid training for everyday citizens to do just that.

Personalized and specialized first aid for every citizen.

Personalized Training
Aid Academy is meant for the people. It gives individuals the opportunity to train for what's important to them. Whether they're outdoor enthusiasts, stay-at-home parents or just concerned neighbors, Aid Academy is built to train the individual.
First aid training for every comfort level.

Specialized Training
Complete Stages, Earn Badges
Everyone is at different stages in their lives, so why get treated like it? Individual comfort levels and interests drive the first aid training experience. 
If they're quick to rush in when something goes wrong, or faint at the sight of blood, with specialized training, participants can go as in-depth as they want.
Want to be a hero? Make it to stage 4. A little timid? Stage 1 will do the trick.
Advanced Training
Why stop when you’re ahead? Aid Academy is built to give trainees all the experience they need to be effective with first aid, but for some they push themselves to the outer limits. For people like that, we’ve got the master badges.
After completing each course completely, another notch is made in each training belt.
How Aid Academy works.
Determine a Course
Participants decide which course they want to take, but if they are unsure, Aid Academy will help walk them through a simple quiz that will determine which training is the right fit and give them a course recommendation.
Learn the Basics
Get started online with easy to understand basics that are specific to each course. These preliminary trainings will help attendees in the next step.
Apply in Action
The next step is an in-person experience of both learning and doing. Individuals come ready to apply what they've learned online in real-world scenarios that mimic reality.
This is done with a mobile training station built out of shipping containers. Here, trained professionals supervise as trainees react to acted-out scenario based emergencies.
Participants are categorized based on their courses and stages. Each is given personal first aid kits and quick-reference cards to help them succeed in their trainings and future endeavors.
Staying Sharp
After in-person training and certification, Aid Academy helps trainees remember what they learned. They’ll be prompted frequently with timed quizzes that will test them on training and first aid knowledge.
This last step helps keep all Aid Academy members prepared to help others in the midst of emergencies.
Personalized and specialized first aid for every citizen.
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