L'Universale is a film directed by Federico Micali.
It is about three friends, destined to lose and find each other over and over again. More importantly, it is the (true) story of a film theatre in Florence, Italy – "L'Universale" – which was a cultural landmark in the city between the '60s and the '80s. It was a theater of its own kind, bringing together intellectuals, students, as well as the people from San Frediano, a well-known working-class district of the city. Such unusual mixture among the cinema-goers also produced a sort of creative chaos, which is explored through the eyes of Tommaso, the projectionist's son.

As studio in charge of the communication for the film's campaign, we were asked to design the official poster. We opted for a double exposure artwork to display the portraits of the three main characters, using a row of original seats from the theatre as a mask. The title's lettering was redrawn from the original sign of the cinema.
L'Universale → Poster