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Condimo™. Mkt Agency Branding

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–The project responds to a digital communication agency. The search was established in the semantic conceptualization of the digital and its behavior as a resource, form, implementation and functionality. Our development was inspired by light and its heterogeneous behavior on its assimilation. Light engages with different receptors in different ways, at different speeds but it is always the same element, light. Condimo is a concept of organic reflection, viralization, journey and spontaneous interaction. The result is a brand of innovation based on our 2.0 branding model. It represents an open system that behaves from its elements in a versatile and playful way. His language displays light colors like his palette, sans serif fonts to emphasize modernity and clean layouts in coexistence with multiple possibilities of use.

                                                                                   #Conceptual Branding ID/Lenguage.

                                                       Feel ––––– Change.                                                                                  Light.
16 bits. 144 Gz, color spot – gradient.                             #Idea ––– Conversion.                                      +followers
+ Influencers.                     #   ––––––– banner–
Spot –   3                        idea                                                                    CTA ––––––– CALL+ACTION.
Claim ––––––– PUSH.
–––––––.                                           @organic.       share
viral. .                                                                                   click on
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                                               ™Thanks for watchh3l–since ®2004. From Argentina.
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Condimo™. Mkt Agency Branding


Condimo™. Mkt Agency Branding

Condimo™. Digital Mkt Agency. Conceptual Branding Identity and lenguage. Basic applications.