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    Visual Identity for Eurowektor.

Eurowektor Identity Design

About Eurowektor
Eurowektor is helping other companies to gain external financal resources. The firm is offering financial consulting services, business trainings, professional help in preparing financial motions and documents for UE funds.
About design
The main values logo is reflecting are: openess, expansion, focusing on the target, multidirection searching, growth, simplicity, collective work, professionalism. 
Eurowektor is helping to gain financial help by searching it in all possible directions. I decided to follow the name and use some vectors in logo - they are good symbols for searching, focusing on the target and striving for goals. 

Colours for biznes 
The basic palette is blue and grey. Different shades of blue are symbolizing the growth and maturity of any company ont he martket. Light blue is for fresh companies and navy blue for the mature ones - all companies on every stage od their development need financial resources. Eurowektor is helping all of them. 
Colours for action
The additional colours are glaring yellow, pink, green and blue. They are introduced with the help of sticky notes and notebooks - the brilliant ideas often come on paper and are marked by those colours. They symbolize creativity, action, courage, out of the box thinking, youth, energy, strenght.