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    Visual research and image development for the sci-fi short film, Happy Download Day, Los Angeles, 2012
I've been charged to develop the set design for a sci-fi short film, titled Happy Download Day.
It's the story of a family working as miners on Mars.
From the early research to the rendering of the sets, here is the work I've done with the Director, Sophie Leclerc, and then with the set designers.
This second part of images is intended to help finding futuristic shapes for the set.
... and from the outside, we move inside.
The caracters live in a very rustic space, and they work in the mines all day, all life; to make their life easier, they wear glasses that allows them to see a better interior. 
And those are the possible interiors, while wearing the "pink" glasses.
Those are the renders done with the first idea of sets, I've been researching items in prop houses with the production designer, modeled and rendered them in 3D so that the director and the producer could see what was in the production designer's mind...
This is an early sketch of mine: