Concept, Art Direction & Design for vinyl artwork for Sin Hilo record label. 
Julien Mier is a Dutch musician living in Sydney. Untangle The Roots was created during his journey taking us to a personal story of leaving old ties behind. We propose to recreate the musical concept of the album through a visual & tactile experience. Representing the tangled past & its roots; undoing & creating new forms, with an organic and delicate illustration combined with the lightness of the material.

In the current music industry, digital files and fast consumption are kings. Creating a unique piece, carefully produced in a limited edition, increases the life of the object, making it unique and worthy.
The production of this piece was a key phase of the creative process.
Units: 300 copies / Ink: Pantone 3395 / 300g Semitransparent Guarro Casas paper
Printed in L'Anacrònica Letterpress Workshop in Barcelona.