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    Re-design of the package for the wooden fairytales characters
Re-designing a package
Tomik company, the producer of wooden toys, asked to re-design the package of the fairytales sets. The previous package is here:
The main idea of the new package was to stylize it as Mezen painting, traditional Russian images. Here you can see the examples of them.
First step was to design letters for the titles onthe box. Here you can see first variants.
Then I started to draw the pictures on the box. The grey egg on the picture is a hole in the box. It was pretty big so the composition was the main problem. 
The first variant:
Seeking the balance between traditions and modernity
The second version looked more ordered and helped to attract an attention to the toys that were seen inside the egg.
Another important step was the next one. It was decided to use Oksana Heavy type instead of the handmade one. The red colour has become brighter. The cleared space has changed, too. The house is now used instead of the egg shape.
There were also made great changes in composition.
Adapting images to the house shape. 
All the images were redrawn to make them uniform. 
Final version of the design is here:
Thank you for your attention!