Investigations of a Kafkan dog"
Third World

This is the third world as found by a kafkan dog . The mechanical mini van moving into cycle and then to bullock cart . Three people , three vehicle at a third world . 

And interestingly the characters are a temporarily paid school driver , maybe a daily wage worker or possible naxalite and a random villager .And yes the distortion - the sun.

- Dongargarh, Chattisgarh , India
A lady from peripheries 

A lady on a turn at a British Estate at Wayanad .Even after years of struggle , people on peripheries remained- where they are - let it be British or the state, but only until recently.

Last time I saw them they were wearing costumes of joker - working throughout the day and playing buffoonery in red clothes in nights .

-Chembra estate , Wyanad , Kerala , India
Tsimtsum convergence

In the ocean of life not every ship sinks , rather it takes its passangers to another world. How else did the magi reach near Christ ...

Lights will guide you home

-Pulpally ,Wyanad, Kerala
The forbidden tree

Once in the middle of eden garden stood the forbidden tree , todays its right in the middle of one's summit of narcissit-polis
- Chenbra Peak , Wayanad , Kerala 
Phase change 

Can Spider be of Gerridae family ? How else is it walking on water ? A phase change from air to water . Crude changes in perspectives .
-Pulpally Kerala Waynad

In the vast corridors of self we often see different
shades of power and our prejudice. Often we let them to fight . But mostly before one realizes they end up 
"end up answer for to an immanent power , not knowing charge was knowing only that power said he was guilty of something , then he was decreed so "

Though one turns out to submissive mostly by shrouding the other . Both are expressions of self in opposite but of huge magnitude . Like unspeakable.Like Hegemony

- Chembra Peak from the edge of Hridaya Saras pond , Wyanad, Kerala
Frog Prejudice

Life's often is trade between prejudices . Look at the mirrors in self and the frog above the mirror .
-Dongargarh , Chattisgarh, India

Even you conquer the highest peak , when you look down , you find unconquered self reflected in shanty piece of construction and lives inside - which's often called as Home
- Chembra Peak,Wayanad, Kerala
The Word

" In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God , and the Word was God "(Bible - John 1:1)

Before words took birth in imbecile tongue , humanity carved its expressions in nature’s heart. Even among those expressions , the most prominent , the ones which its mind could not hold was the its pursuit of the creator. But the time had to wait till words become flesh to prove that those become scuff marks . Today this traces of carving exists everywhere from SETIs , iphones , facebook profiles - in everything that is in search of an identity satiation. 

-The Sorcerer carving at Edakkal Caves , (dated between 5000 -1000 BC) , Wayanad ,Kerala

"Obviously the nature have to be protected"
"Well how about human lives get lost in the conflict ?"
"Alright , you think nature is a human possession and nature is under human being's will and wish . Come on "

Pookode Lake , Wyanad, Kerala , India


Who waited for 12 years to see Kunthiana bloom, mountains or hikers ? Nobody knew ...Maybe thats why they created the myth of violet flowers. Like they saw metamorphosis of the question :Whats the next summit after Chembra Peak ? -

Self ?
The metamorphiosis of question
- Chembra Peak , Waynad , Kerala 
Beheaded silence

"We have spent generations constructing elaborate systems of patriarchy, caste and social and sexual inequality that allow abuse to flourish. But rape is not inevitable, like the weather."

"I am exultant at being alive. Being rapedwas terrible beyond words, but I think being alive is more important. When a woman is denied the right to feel this, thereis something very wrong in our value system"

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-'Woman on the rock' carving of 1000 BC at Edakkal Caves
Investigations of a Kafkan dog"

Investigations of a Kafkan dog"

This is a visual extension to Franz Kafka's , phenomenal short story , Investigations of a Dog . The attempt is to capture the critical issues of Read More