Hypothetical Salsa Redesign

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    "… kinda smokey, chipotley and southwesty. and hot. don't forget hot."
    -2011 jumper describing ghost pepper salsa in notes
    Starting this project I looked to the facts about ghost peppers. 
    • Used in grenades, smoke bombs, and pepper spray
    • Smeared on fences in Africa to keep elephants away
    • 401.5x hotter than Tabasco Sauce
    • Hottest ghost pepper rated up to 1,041,427 SHU
    I decided to create a metaphor for the explosive heat by mixing the appearance of a ghost pepper with that of a gernade, a nod to its utilitarian uses. The charred black edges to the butcher paper label describes the salsa's smokey, southwestern flavor. 
    2011 Junior
    Kansas City Art Institute