Narrating itself through a Japanese language, this bench brings to its user, a subtle dynamism in form of a rocking motion. Designed for two people, the bench has been detailed to allow and engage its users to interact in different ways, in semi-outdoor spaces.

Made out of Teak wood using simple joineries, it is inspired by the work of George Nakashima and basic Japanese principles such as enso, balance and asymmetry. This makes the bench a one of its kind, and places it in direct relation to calmness, sanctity and rejuvenation.
After studying Japanese structures, the seat has been given slight curves at the edges, giving it a complete, bounded feel while corresponding with Japanese architecture and Calligraphy. The spindles are positioned asymmetrically, still, balance the bench with calculated placement giving a complete sense of physical and visual balance to the whole form. 
The structure is put together using tenon-mortise joinery for all the spindles. The wooden planks for the seat are combined using biscuits, with the laser engraved detailing of Japanese calligraphic strokes, acting as our twist on George Nakashima's signature butterflies on the top surface to give the look and feel of the joinery. The curved detail on the edge of the seat is incorporated using half lap dovetail. The natural contours on the wood have been retained, honouring the beauty of nature and it has been finished with natural oil to bring out its elements in its purest form.
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