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    These projects were done for Arts Benefit Events put on by DABA.
I painted this easel for a 2011 Easlemania Event in Auburn Indiana for DABA. This easel is currently displayed at the NATMUS museum in Auburn. A very appropriate place considering this work it of the NATMUS. This Easel was painted with House of Kolor Urethane Paint using a spray gun and airbrush.
In 2012 the DABA sponsored another art event, "Kick Back Adirondack." My chair is on the right with a picture of yours truly. My chair placed third with a People's Choice Award and also sold for $300.00 at the Charity Event where the chairs were sold.
Down Town art and benefit projects.
This is my submission for a local art exhibition, "Gather at the Gate: Auburn's Gateway to Art 2013." The exhibit displays up town until September. The work will be auctioned off at eh Annual Art Dinner Auction and Celebration.