Singapore is one of the few cities in the world that is constantly gathering data about itself. At any given instance, petabytes of information about the city is measured, studied and analyzed. Most of this data is archived by the government, but a significant portion is openly available to anyone with an internet connection. 

Macrocosmic Flux is a real-time screen based public art installation. It uses the Land Transport Authority’s DataMall API to obtain live public transit data to map the current pressure on the network’s bus and train lines. The combined passenger load of the system is represented by flowing particles that change in numbers and velocity to paint a real-time picture of Singaporeans moving through the island; the macrocosmic state of its citizens constantly in flux.




Macrocosmic Flux is currently on show as part of the permanent collection alongside other curated works at the Media Art Nexus digital art space in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The installation comprises an immersive LED Media Wall measuring 15 meters wide and 2 meters tall.

(NTU Museum, curator Conradi. I)

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Macrocosmic Flux