Coork Eyewear
2012 cork competition entry
Coork Eyewear was my entry for the Corticeira Amorim and Domaine de Boisbuchet 2012 cork competition.
"Moving towards more natural and environmentally conscious materials it’s a trend rising in the eyewear industry, where small brands are getting very good publicity by producing frames using hardwoods, bamboo and plywood.
Coork Eyewear it’s the step forward. By bringing the softness, elasticity and complete recyclability of cork I believe that this will be the next great material for the eyewear industry, where a new company can be built upon to showcase all the potential that cork has to offer.
After working as an intern for a major Danish eyewear company I began to work on the idea of building frames using the material that my country exports the most – cork.
Its physical properties are very desirable for making frames since it can be molded, it’s completely recyclable, flexible, soft, light and hypoallergenic. A titanium inner frame is used to strengthen the front.
Coork Eyewear doesn’t need any hinges since their kinked temples provide to the frame the flexibility and spring action needed to adapt perfectly to every face."