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Streamtime is project management software for for the creative industry. The product helps you manage workflow, job planning, scheduling, quoting, time tracking, and everything in between. Since the launch of a the revamped product and brand two years ago, much has evolved. The product is more robust and focused, and is now supported by mobile application. With these changes, a new marketing site was developed that would help drive trial with the product. 

Streamtime needed a marketing site that could leverage the benefits of their product, but capture the attention of a creative audience. We saw an opportunity to collaborate on an ongoing basis with the creative community itself to bring the product to life in an unexpected way. One of the key developments was to really leverage illustration and animation at the core of the site, that would actively reflect the usage behaviours of the product through interactions that took place in the product usage i.e. drag and drop, button pressing etc.

The design leverages the time blocks used in the product as a navigation bar for product features. Within each section, animations are integrated into the site using sprite sheets, allowing users to drag, push, poke, tap and play with each of the illustrations on the page no matter the device, while simultaneously discovering what makes Streamtime tick.

Illustration/Animation – Simon Landrein

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