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2016 - New Year Card

Print Design / 2016

2016 - New Year Card of 2016.
According to the zodiac calendar of Japan, 2016 was the year of the monkey.
I made a new year postcard featuring a monkey geoglyph of the Nazca Lines. The monkey graphic is placed in the center of the card and decorated with letters celebrating new year and lines resembling geographical latitude / longitude. The L/L values printed in the original version indicate the location of my house. (※Those values in following images are dummy.)

 Title : 2016
 Year : 2016
 Category : Print Design / Graphic Design
 Client : Personal Project
 Printing : CMYK Inkjet
 Paper : Japan Post Nenga Inkjet

2016 - New Year Card


2016 - New Year Card

New Year Card Design of 2016 inspired by Nazca Lines


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