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    A Christmas card/calendar that I designed for my wife that has 1 date a month planned out for the next 12 months.
Every Christmas I make my wife a card and/or a gift. This year it was a calendar disguised as a card. Why a calendar card? We get so busy and consumed by life that time flies by and we don't do fun stuff or we rush to make plans and end up doing the same 5 things over and over again. I thought it would be fun to plan dates for the year in advance, giving us something fun to look forward to EVERY MONTH OF THE YEAR (woo hoo).
The dates consist of everything from a spa day together, an orchard date, to dinner and a hotel at least 60 miles from our house. The color schemes were inspired by Quinoa and Cholula. Healthy, spicy love!
My local printer is awesome and knocked these out a couple days before the holiday for me. I scored all of the folds and trimmed everything to make the "box".
the blue cone is where I wrote my sweet nothings
sketches and prototypes
color inspiration