The Graphics of Miscommunication
Exhibition Advertising

University brief 2012-ongoing. Advertising consisting of a series of promotional 6 sheet posters plus a digital advert for an upocoming exhibition event at 
the London Design Museum featuring work of designers such as Paula Scher, Stefen Sagmeister, David Pearson, Hyperkit, Norm, Anthony Burrill and more. the brief asked to produce work reflecting the title of the exhibition as much as possible I began researching deeper into what miscommunication in design could mean and how it would be successfully applied which was not an easy task to do having in mind graphic design is all about exactly the opposite - communication and trying to transfer a message to an audience in the best possible way that combines a clever and nice design but at the same time is clear and easy to understand so that it it does not stand just as a piece of art but also makes sense and does its job weather it's to sell, advertise or whatever.

So I decided to base my designs on typography again as I feel it is one of my strong fields of practice plus it reflects most of the work that would be featured in the exhibition itself. I developed my own, personalised fonts for 5 different posters which are exceptionally hard to read and understand but not impossible and having in mind they will be bus stop sized the letters could be more easily seen in larger scale and then understood. The message that is stated in each poster is the same - ''Njoy the communication with the graphics of miscommunication''. I used the same layout and grid style letter positioning plus a common color scheme with the same bottom-right corner orange square giving information about dates, location and address of the event so that the posters share similar style and could be more easily recognisable on their own having in mind they are complicated enough with the hardly readable fonts and also a bit of optical 
illusion-like which again are as an answer to my brief - miscommunication.

Thank You!