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    Experience microsite announcing the 3rd generation Toyota Prius.
The 3rd Generation Toyota Prius
Dummm dummm, duh duh, dummm.
When they told us they were flying a Prius from the US to New Zealand to shot the :30, we thought they were joking. Weren't they made in Japan? Then they mentioned the 500 acrobats needed to bring it to life, we knew Saatchi & Saatchi LA were serious about their vision to announce the release of the latest Toyota Prius.

Some serious carbon offsets were going to be needed for this project.

We were tasked with bringing to life a vehicle that had not been publicly photographed or rendered. The sheet metal had to shine above all else in all 10 of the unique environments we created to showcase the new features and ideas Toyota had brought to bear on this model refresh.

The level of 3d animation, intelligent flash development and design work all came together for a really great final site experience.

We even won an FWA award for the work.

URL: http://www.toyota.com/vehicles/minisite/newprius/
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