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    project i did for a job interview back in 2011.
ASOS Ladies Watch Concept
© Vlad Icobet 2013
She is beauty. She is charisma. She is versatile and dynamic. She is the 21st century lady and has a defined sense of fashion, simplicity and style. 
She is one who would really appreciate a like-minded partner that would fit perfectly with her appealing lifestyle, not only as a functional timepiece, but more as a fashion accessory, that marries together quality, craftsmanship, elegance and an attitude towards a life that indulges the senses. 
She prefers bold shapes and patterns that are obvious with a sense of rebellion and controversy.  
Target age is between 18-26 - this specific period was chosen mainly because of the women transition period, between young/childish age and the age when they have careers and become mothers, period which is defined by fashion, rebellion, uncertainty and dynamism.
Proposed material and color combination, along with specific patterns, should reflect a bold contemporary piece with both elegant lines and a vintage attitude.
Patterns will be on both strap and dial hence the strong use of volumetric shapes and contrast between materials, which will create a style that moves towards a fashion accessory rather than a state-of-the art timepiece.