I made this little album a long time ago. All of the compositions were made in 2010-11. They would be screen prints once, but I'm still waiting for the person to help make it. Even paid for it, but nothing happened. Always do yourself and never give money for anyone, even friends. Anyways, the whole project was about the Fibonacci sequence. All measures are orientate those numbers and scale. For example, the slices are 1-2-3-5 cms or mms wide – depending on the scale – and the distance between them are 1cm or mm. The offset is usually 1 cm. So everything is in the ratio of the Fibonacci sequence. There are no date after the titles because non of them are truly exist. I hope I'll have the time, money and the expertise to do them by myself. Because I wan't to make them all by my hand. No computer, no digital tricks, only my rulers, bows and scalpels.