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    Water bottle concept for AquaCarpatica Design Constest in 2009

Bottle concept
© Vlad Icobet 2013
Water. The essence of life. It means vitality and energy. Its purity depends on the way it is treated. It depends on us.
water should “feel” good in it’s containment. 
Even if the water is drinked from the package, the customer should feel the same way as he would drink it from its “birthplace”.
The concept is set to depict emotions through form expression. Purity and gratitude through simple and elegant lines,  Love and adventure through organic and beautiful shapes, vitality and life through the last ingredient, water itlself.
In this stage various shapes and lines were researched, from simple and elegant lines, to very complex organic surfaces. The ultimate concept drawing derives from multiple researched motivs that inspire simplicity, exclusivity and motion.
Twisted line flow creates the illusion of dynamic and organic surfaces when the light refracts through the bottle filled with water