Outdoor Signs and Marquees with Faux Wall Panels
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Decorating Outdoor Signs and Marquees with Faux Wall Paneling
You may have seen storefront signs placed in front of the stores. They look like they are going to be blown away with the wind. Surely you don’t want your business representation to be this much lighter.

Here, it is worth mentioning that replacing business sign or marquee can be quite expensive. Typically, the signs and marquees are able to lay an impression in a better way if they are decorated with the wall panels made of wood, stone and brick. But as we all know, these materials are the highly expensive ones and it is very difficult for everyone to afford them. However, it doesn’t also mean that you need to be OK with that old an unimpressive business sign.

You can bring faux wall panels to decorate your business sign or marquee. Faux wall paneling may be the unauthentic material but it looks exactly like real wood, stone or brick. Another advantage of having these panels installed on the signs is that they are very lightweight and easy to handle. As a matter of fact, you may not even have to call a professional for installing these panels. You can do it by yourself if you know how to screw the screws and hammer the nails.
The installation procedure of these wall panels is extremely convenient. You can install these panels on any wall surface. You will need just a few tools which include adhesive, maybe a cutting tool, and some screws.

For installation, you can use measurements to know about the size of panels to be applied on the walls. Use the cutting tool carefully to make sure that you are not cutting the corners excessively. Use a marker to mark the outline for cutting the panel. Use adhesive on the side panel’s side which has to face the wall. After the panels are attached, you can fix them properly with the help of screws.

Faux wall panels are made of polyurethane which is a flexible plastic. The best thing about this material is that it is UV resistant and weatherproof. It means that it can be the best solution for your outdoor decoration. Since signs and marquees are not covered by any protection, installing faux wall paneling can be the most suitable arrangement you can go for.

When you get these panels installed on the sign or marquee, you may think about the factors like exposure to the sun and rain. As mentioned above, these panels are waterproof and UV resistant. So, you can have them installed and there will be no need to do anything to modify this decoration for years.