coors banquet
brand identity, packaging
within four weeks of the relaunch, and in the absence of other marketing support, coors banquet went from a three-month decline of -7% to an increase of +1% –growing for the first time in 22 years.

since the 2007 redesign, coors banquet has enjoyed sustained growth year over year.


“The Coors Banquet redesign clearly started the turnaround of the brand.”

“This is the kind of success story that's everymarketer's dream.”


“It was 1988…when Coors came to Pennsylvania… GREAT BEER!…I bought a 6 pack of Coors this week. I fell in love with it again…I plan on it being my beer of choice. The new can design caught my eye, and it’s why I bought the 6 pack.”

“This is the best packaging initiative that I’ve ever seen. With the new trade up flows, I have Coors Banquet next to Budweiser – it’s making Bud look old and archaic. This thing is popping off the shelf.”

landor associates