Your PET and YOU
Your PET and YOU
is a ongoing series of pets and their owners

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Persian "Djunam" 14 years and Adrianna
Andalusian Mix "Katze" 6 month and Angela
Rattero Malorcin "Batman" and Angelika
Pug "Cookie" 13 Years and Anna
French Bulldog "Bane" 6 month and Kelly-Anne
Ragdoll Cat "Kasimir"  2 Years old and Bettina! 
14year old Border Terrier "Pelle" and his loveley owner Ulrike
6 Month youn andalusian Mix "Finya" with her owerns and the playpet.
6 Year old Pug-Brabanter Mix "Leeloo" and Flo
Housecat "Jack" and owner Simone
House cat "jim" and owner Tom
3 Year old OWL "Waldemar" and Owner Inga
6 Year old Dachshunds "Ludwig" and Kerstin
12 Year old Pug "Lucky" and his owner Wenke.
Bernie, 15 week young Pug and Tine
Milo, 4 year old Terrier and Fabian
Rattero Malorcin "Robin" 11  weeks  and Ellen
Pug "Tyler" 7 month young and his parents Janine & Ramon
Havaneser "Cookie" 3 Years and her big sister Sarika
"Betty", French Bulldog, 2 Years and Kevin
StreetMix "Bonnie" and Madlen
Mini Griffon "Brutus" and Matthias
French Bulldog "Diego" and Karoline
2 Year old Sphinx-Cat "Lucy" and her beast Sarah! 
5 Year old french Bulldog " Lennox" and Marcel
Blind House Cat "Captain Jack" 4,5 years and Isabel
"BAMBAM"  3,5 Year old Panther Anole and Eric
"Blue" 11 year old green Iguana and Jenny
french Bulldog "Brutus" 15 month and his owners
some strange animal in a bear costume an Julia ;)
English bulldog "Lady" 5 Years and Maik
frensh bulldog " Stiff" and Ale
Puggle "MIA" 1,5 years an Mignon
Staffordshire-Bulldog Mix 7years And his owners
Parson Russel Terrier "Mr. Miyagi" and Anna
Esko MIX 2,5 years and Ben
"Lucky" 1 year old mix and Claudia
Chihuahua "Armani" 4 years and Kim