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Raleigh Union Station
Permission granted for redistribution – All photos courtesy of Robert B Butler, unless otherwise indicated in the caption. Photos taken prior to the summer 2018 grand opening.
Raleigh and NCDOT constructed Raleigh's Union Station in the downtown warehouse district to accommodate current and future demand for intercity passenger rail, commuter rail, buses, taxis, bikes and other forms of transportation.
The Raleigh Union Station clock, held up by one of the gantry cranes from the original Dillon Supply warehouse
Lots of steel beams, panels, huge doors, and a couple of gantry cranes from the original Dillon Supply warehouse
High in the air, one of the original gantry cranes from Dillon Supply
Red-oxide steel beams from the original Dillon Supply warehouse
Beautiful benches custom-made in North Carolina – Check out the huge steel doors in the background from the original Dillon Supply warehouse
Deeper seats, higher backs, AC power, USB power, downlighting – perfect!
A splash of modern furniture with the old wooden benches...
Yes, this chair is actually very comfortable
View from the second floor
View from the third floor
Heating in the Main Hall is 'radiant heat' built into the concrete floor
Walkway to the tunnel under the tracks, then up to the platform to board the trains
Artwork on the wall consists of metal panels from the old Dillon Supply warehouse
Metal panels from the Dillon Supply Warehouse
Up to the platform to board the train!
This space on the right will be an escalator – awaiting delivery and installation
The platform is more than 900-feet, able to accommodate the longest passenger trains – ADA compliant, the platform is level with the train doors with only a small gap between the platform and train – Passenger trains will no longer block Cabarrus Street in downtown Raleigh
File photo – Courtesy NCDOT
Second floor office and retail space for rent
Third floor space for rent, perfect for a restaurant – Wow! What a view of Raleigh!
The Dillon
Great view of downtown Raleigh, especially on a sunny day!
Outdoor gardens and spaces
Burt's Bees' pollinator garden – Bees at work!
Beautiful canopy and open-air Civic Plaza – difficult to see in the rain
Outdoor patio on the top floor – Extra parking at The Dillon
Circular drive, passenger drop-off, parking
I took this photo a few weeks earlier during a downtown walk
Earlier photo during a downtown walk
Sally and Robert
Raleigh Union Station

Raleigh Union Station

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