USC Motion Graphics
Earlier in 2018 I had the opportunity to work on some motion graphics that would serve as training modules in forecasting. 
This project was developed for the University of Southern California (USC), via Pytho LLC.
Having previously collaborated with Sibylink on a smaller scale but similar project back in 2017, they contacted me with a proposal to transform their training scripts into fun and easy to follow motion graphics. The 2 instructional "cartoons" were meant to have a running time of about 10 minutes each. As for style, we went for the modern animation of the 1950s  (the work of UPA Studios, Rocky and Bullwinkle and so forth). 

Since my movie editing skills are quite modest we co-opted the services of Alex Böjthe, who's perfect sense of timing made every bit of information comprehensible and all the corny jokes palatable and in tune with the music provided. This was very important, since there was no voice-over to consolidate what was written onscreen.

I bring to you, courtesy of USC, two clips extracted from the first training module ('Make A H.A.B.I.T of Good Forecasting Technique').
The Mouse Memoirs font, free for commercial use, was developed by Brian J. Bonislawsky.
In addition to the proper motion graphics, I was tasked with developing corresponding "low-fi" presentations meant to be read as slides. Following are a few animated frames from those slides.
This project was also one of those rare opportunities when I got to improve on my caricature game.
USC Motion Graphics