BHANDER. Revolution in payments
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Revolution in payments

Bhander is a platform that will provide an ability to use cryptocurrencies 
in everyday life in “offline” world available for everybody.

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity as an online payment method, however,
they have never been used for offline payments yet. This problem is being solved by the creators of the Bhander.
DIMENSIONS was chosen to produce a promo video for the platform.

We decided to step aside from the classical product explainer and to produce an eye-catching teaser.
Fashion elements, which are not common for this type of commercials,
enriched the intriguing feel of the concept.
The plot metaphorically describes the expansion of cryptocurrencies from enthusiasts 
to mass users with Bhander technology.

Client: Bhander
Production Company: DIMENSIONS

BHANDER. Revolution in payments
Multiple Owners
Maksym Zakharyak