Posters Design for Tmall's Creative Project

Every era needs the promoters of the trend, in today's China, many outstanding brands have assumed this role, Tmall is one of them. From the past May to June, Tmall has carried out several brand marketing campaigns. The main purpose of Tmall is to transform the local youth and traditional brands in China and help promote unique pop culture.
We were fortunate enough to participate in two of these projects and led 13 illustrators to complete many wonderful works.
Clint: Tmall
Agency: L×U Studio

Part 1 - Various Brand Posters
We design and draw posters for the various Chinese brands under Tmall, in accordance with the visual basis of a fireworks explosion.
Poster concept and template design by L×U Studio.

Illustration:  Fireye

Illustration:  FEITUFEI  /  Diable Kaka

Illustration:  MonkiEarz  /  Hiyazxx

Illustration:  FengSan  /  Diamonster

Illustration:  Hao Hao  /  Ofen Hu

Illustration:  Miya Du  /  Wenju Chen

Part 2 - Cross-border Product Posters
With Tmall's efforts, some Chinese brands have launched products with innovative personality, and some have conducted cross-border cooperation. We combine the ideas of new products and integrate creativity and depiction into Tmall's logo.

RIO 锐澳鸡尾酒 × 六神 Liushen Florida Water
Illustration:  Diamonster
Motion Design:  L×U Studio

御泥坊 UNIFON × 周黑鸭 Weekly Black Duck
Illustration:  TinG
Motion Design:  L×U Studio

阿芙 AFU × 福临门 Fulinmen
Illustration:  Hiyazxx

Miss Candy × 香飘飘 Xiangpiaopiao
Illustration:  Hao Hao

卫龙 WeiLong
Illustration:  Aibo-fly

Illustration:  Diable Kaka

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