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    Complete site redesign for the iconic Ray-Ban brand.
Never Hide.
Handmade in Italy.
Ray-Ban has, in the last few years, regained their rightful position as the style and taste makers of attainable fashion. This is due in no small part to the significant re-branding efforts Cutwater has shepherded.

What they lacked however, was a solid digital platform from which they could easily extend their messaging efforts out to their highly enthusiastic fan base on the web. In Q2 2010, I produced and help launch a highly anticipated redesign of this iconic brand's corporate website. Where previously there were disparate microsites and a difficult to navigate structure - a newly designed, navigable and easy to update framework came to being.

The design itself stretched from the marketing pages into the e-commerce backend. Truly a fully integrated experience for the user. In addition to re-housing existing content within the new framework, we created numerous new pieces of work and campaigns through the course of 2010 including Rare Prints, Rare Finds - an AR experience, Rx Frames, Aviator Sightings and expanded the growing Never Hide Films catalog of virals.

... Not to mention including nearly 40 unique localized versions, the site has gained a truly worldwide impact. 

Ray-Ban's Facebook page also got some love and with a focused campaign to bring in new fans which had plateaued at 900K, raising total 'Likes' to over 1.5MM in just under 4 months.

Rare Prints virals produced by Bill Spangler.