The Task

Cisco Spark is a collaboration platform that covers various fields of team work. We were involved in creating the new brand identity and the website. We worked closely with Cisco Design Team, so that the new brand had the right tone and was reflecting and inspiring the work that was being done on the software
and hardware.

This case study is a collection of images/concepts and explorations that we created to help Cisco Design Team in the process of developing new face of Cisco Spark.

Brand base elements

Brand base elements are the foundation of Cisco Spark visual identity. They were developed by Cisco Design Team and we used them as core elements in creating the new brand and brand assets. 
New logo and brand guides

Cisco Spark is a part of Cisco universe. Logo construction was based on shapes taken from the Cisco "bridge" symbol and it uses the color palette that the Cisco UI Design Team established for the core 
software functionalities (Meet, Share, Whiteboard etc.).

Visual language
Dynamic shape pattern​​​​​​​

The pattern concept is an abstract interpretation of a team, teamwork and different personalities. 
We took the base shape of Cisco symbol and deconstructed it. By that we gained simple geometric forms that still had a Cisco spirit and with them we were able to build illustrations, icons and any additional materials. By combing simple shapes and colors we gained flexibility and kept the visual energy.


Icons & Illustrations
We used illustrations to show stories about people working together using Cisco Spark products. Also to visualize ideas and to give instruction to users. We needed a dynamic illustration style that we could use both to instructions and marketing. We established 3 types of illustrations Icons, Instructions and Stories.

Spark Board Renders

We created a library of Cisco Spark Board beauty shots that we could later combine with the new visual language and use in further marketing materials such as booklets, presentations and website.



With the established visual brand style we create a large number of assets for internal and external events for Cisco Collaboration. From billboards, speakers keynotes, bags, t-shirts, to motion graphics and even beer labels.

Thanks for watching

In collaboration with Cisco Design Team 
Design Director: Ruben Rohde

Art Direction, Design, 3D: Paweł Rębisz
Design, Illustrations, Animation: Piotr Płoch
Design, Webdesign: Tomasz Chrostek
Illustrations: Dylan Jones

Cisco Spark