THE GATE / Brama do Nadodrza / 2013
Winning project in contest.

About contest:
This is winning project of mural in contest called "Gate to Nadodrze". The concept
was chosen during contest in January 2013 by jury and internet voting. The initiative was run under The European Capitals of Culture program.

Nadodrze is a quite historical district of Wrocław (Poland) which is being revitalised.

Inspiration & background:
In that time I was living just next to the future mural spot. I know this city very well so I have my own emotions related to this place. Some of them are positive, some are negative so sometimes I cannot decide if I like or hate this city. It seems that rather the first, beacuse it's 2016 when I'm still here writing these words. Whenever I go around the streets I can see that there is plenty of "nostalgia" in the air. So it was natural for me to use historical maps,  postcards as an essential (but not only!) motive of the project. It seems that it worked. I also think there are plenty of people living in Wroclaw and having similar emotions about that city.

exact address: 
Władysława Łokietka St. 3 , Wrocław, Poland

REALIZATION 12.06-18.06.2013: