Our Home, Our People: A 360° Experience
The impact that climate change will have in the Pacific in coming years is well documented. But facts and figures don’t reach people on an emotional level. 

Our Home, Our People is a 360° VR experience created to do just that.​​​​​​​
The conference that started it all
In 2017, the 23rd Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP23) was convened under the Presidency of Fiji in Bonn, Germany. This was a massive milestone for the small Pacific Island nation which, more than most countries, is already facing the very real effects of climate change.

But the location of the conference also presented the Fijian Government and other institutions such as the World Bank with an interesting conundrum: How could delegates in wintery Germany experience the very real effects of climate change in far away Fiji?
Personal stories tell a global narrative
Our Home, Our People explores the global issue of climate change through the intimate, personal stories of four people across Fiji. In doing so, it illuminates not only the destruction wrought by climate change, but also the resilience and determination of the Pacific people.

The characters and stories featured in Our Home, Our People weren't predetermined or scripted. Instead, they are real, lived experiences of people whose lives have been devastated by climate change, but who, despite the odds, hold hope that there’s still time to build a better future.

Through these very human stories, the film becomes an empathetic call to action, urging COP23 delegates and the global community to support these island nations that have done little to cause climate change but will be the ones experiencing the brunt of its impact.
Documentary-style virtual reality
Our goal in creating Our Home, Our People was to produce as immersive an experience as possible for audiences. To do this, we travelled to diverse communities across Fiji, immersing ourselves in the lives and cultures of the nation's people.

To capture their stories, we used an Insta360 Pro camera to capture 8K 360° footage and a H2N microphone set up for intelligent spatial audio. Prioritising high resolution visuals allowed us to capture the lived reality of Fiji as accurately as possible. Meanwhile intelligent spatial audio allowed the film's soundscape to follow audiences as they move and rotate their heads.​​​​​​​
A 360° experience of climate change
Brought to life through a Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display, Our Home, Our People creates a sense of empathy with characters, depicting both the hardship they’re enduring and the resilience they’re finding in the face of that hardship in immersive virtual reality. 

While climate change can often seem removed from our everyday lives, Our Home, Our People gives each of us the chance to see its impact first-hand. Throughout the experience, the audience is challenged to bear witness to the unique threat that climate change poses, giving them a chance to discover for themselves what climate change really means for our future and that of our children.
Inspiring action through stories and tech
When it debuted at COP23 in Germany, Our Home, Our People was seen by more than 3,500 delegates (representing senior figures from government and civil society from over 60 countries) at the Fiji Pavilion, the World Bank Pavilion and the SDG Action Campaign Pavilion. 

Since it's release, the film has been viewed more than 400,000 times globally, and received more than 360,000 engagements on social media. It has also been featured at a number of leading film festivals around the world, shown at the UN's European Development Days, and chosen as a finalist in the UN's SDG Action Campaign Awards.
You can find out more about Our Home, Our People at www.s1t2.com.au.

Photos credited to Alana Holmberg.
Our Home, Our People

Our Home, Our People

Our Home, Our People is a 360 virtual reality film that tells the story of how Fiji is being changed by and responding to climate change. The pro Read More


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