Find Your Park Microsite
Find Your Park Microsite
Role: UI/UX Designer
Responsibilities: IA, UX/UI design
The Challenge
Design a responsive microsite that connects to the National Park Foundation's campaign to encourage young adults to "Find Your Park."
The User
• Millennial
• Likes to travel and explore, but doesn't visit national parks often – if ever
• Doesn't know what a National Park is – believes they are only outdoor green spaces
• Very familiar with technology and uses sites like TripAdvisor for ideas
• Active with social media
• Driven to the site by paid media (online & TV)
Previous design
The first iteration of the site was designed to reinforce the campaign messaging and provide tools and ideas to help users discover new parks.
Although the user interface is simple and the imagery is beautiful, the separation of tools made the act of finding a park tedious and repetitive.
Simplifying discovery
Park experiences, events, parks near you, stories and news are grouped into one tool.
New content is available immediately upon load and relevant information (like location, hours and cost) is easily accessible.
Creating a customizable experience
Users can search by topic and/or location.
Results can be sorted by most recent, most popular and most relevant. Content can be filtered by type.
Adding utility to social
User-submitted content keeps recommendations fresh, provides authentic first-hand experiences and builds a community of park lovers. The ability to message users provides more access to first-hand information.
Find Your Park Microsite

Find Your Park Microsite



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