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    A robust oldstyle, an elegant slab, 18 styles http://typofonderie.com/fonts/geneo-family
Geneo, A robust oldstyle, an elegant slab, 18 styles
Geneo created by Stéphane Elbaz, is a synthesis of historic and present-day visions of typography, a slab serif constructed on an oblique axis. Its subtle contrast evokes both Renaissance elegance and the robustness of the Egyptian typefaces that were in vogue during the 19th century. Geneo falls halfway between the classic styles of Garamond and Fournier, with aspects of contemporary slab serifs like Rockwell, Boton, and even Le Monde Courrier. From this blend of styles and genres, it emerges with a singular identity perfectly suited for modern illustrations of quality, savoir-faire, and culture.
Geneo’s limited contrast has been carefully crafted to make the font adaptable for use as both text and headlines, as well as for small-print elements like footnotes, appendices, and captions. Its lighter styles — rarely found in today’s serif type families — add delicacy to large-print works. The variety and precision of certain weights, like Regular or Book, allow minute adjustments of the font color in text compositions. This flexibility is especially useful for displaying on devices with high pixel densities such as the latest iPhone or iPad, on which text may appear too thin.
The sturdiness of Geneo makes it a perfect choice for posters, logos, print and any project that requires finesse and sophistication. This versatile font is available in nine weights, from thin to black, with corresponding italics. Like many PRO character sets on Typofonderie, Geneo offers small capitals, old-style figures, and other features such as case sensitive punctuation and fractions. It also provides alternate versions of some letters such as g and a, plus special arrows and dingbats to give you the flexibility you need for your typographic projects. Geneo pairs perfectly with Allumi, Ardoise, or Ambroise, also available from Typofonderie.
Geneo  Wallpaper
Various fake in use created for the launch of Geneo:
Various fake in use created for the launch of Geneo:
Various fake in use created for the launch of Geneo:Various fake in use created for the launch of Geneo:
In use created for the launch of Geneo