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    kykNET Musiek channel proposal May 2012
kykNET, a popular Afrikaans entertainment channel in South Africa, recently branched out with a music channel.
This proposed design was based on contemporary and current Afrikaans music being played via this New channel. However the strategy changed and the music now being played is much more conservative and aimed at the older generations. These designs were deemed to progressive for this market.
The restrictions for the logo, were that it must be able to be linked somehow with the existing kyknet family. (Blue chair, yellow star and 3D environment). The idea behind using this structured, star, yet organic in motion shape as a logo, was to plug into the different music styles we have here to drive the animation, forming a unique piece of animation per logo ident for the channel. Each movement being quite organic and driven by the beat but would still be easily identifiable as KMK, kykNET Musiek KANAAL. Using "txt'ing" based graphics to tap into the modern form of communicating to younger viewers.