Instructed and coached seven young men in journalism skills, who then produced the content for a magazine for their peers at the YOC (Youth Opportunity Center). They named it MūZ (myooz), a play off the word "muse." I was delighted to design and produce the publication.
They learned how to do interviews and express their ideas through frequent journaling. The resulting magazine was a used to increase awareness of the YOC to the local area.
Later, they learned skills in vdeography--staging and lighting, interview preparation and camera work.
The resulting video above is a driving tool in recruiting prospective student members to the YOC.
Finally, the content from the students' earlier work with the magazine was repurposed for the website, which featured additional stories beyond what were published in print.
The website,, is a great resource for new and prospective student members, as well as community business partners to the YOC.