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ABARTH / branding, branded contents & filming

"Everithing you know about racing car is wrong. Nothing is like an ABARTH. Size, Shape, Speed and Sprit." Karl Abarth.
Over 10,000 individual race victories, 10 world records and 133 international titles are part of the racing heritage behind the Abarth brand. In fact, success in competition has always been one of the cornerstones of the Abarth legacy, and it is no less important now than when Karl Abarth founded ‘Abarth & C’ 69 years ago in 1949.  Here down below 69 years in 15 seconds, the Abarth way!

Le Storie dello Scorpione / The Scorpion Tales: is a serial documentary that follow the Abarth history, made to celebrate and to involve all fans of these extraordinary cars, born to race, sons of the tradition of innovation
powerful, and full of joy.
MUSIC: Lilttle Italy Serenade by Gianluca Pighi - Milano Nu Jazz -  Record Kicks
In the first episode of "The Scorpion Tales", we are allowed to take a look inside the Abarth factory and see the new Trofeo Abarth 500 series in action, during the Italian championship at the Monza circuit. 
Music: Ruben Zambon & Lorenzo Leombruni "Clangsong" /// DID "Crazy yes"
the story of Karl Abarth's life and success. Follow the second part to discover how his everlasting passion lead him to the great successes of the 70s and still survives in the brand Abarth. Music: DID "Ask U2"
dedicated to today's and yesterday's Abarth lovers, to the Abarth models that made the history of the brand and are still amazing with the same emotions.

The great rally tradition of the 70s, carrying us on roads that still today are the stage where Abarth determination and passion for Rally keep playing. Music Credits: "Follow your way" - The Tunas "Ciclo 1" - Vaghe Stelle 
ABARTH 595 '50th Anniversary film
I was honored to curate together with the Abarth & C team, the Centro Stile and 515 the brand strategy and the creative direction of this awesome re-branding project. This is one of the most complete challenge I ever made. The outcome was a success because we worked elbow to elbow with the marketing team on many different projects.

We did the research & define, the future vision, the branding, the brand design, the messaging, the branded contents, the headquarter design - Officine Abarth, the concept stores, the website, the films. from 2006, one year before the launch since 2013. 

CEO: Luca De Meo at Abarth
brand director: Antonino Labate at Abarth
marketing: Salvatore Iuzzolini, Francesca Singer, Silvia Lopez, Lucio Berta at Abarth
produced by 515 creative shop
relaltions: Riccardo Pietrantonio and Maddalena Zolino  at 515
strategic & creative direction: Luca Pilutza at 515
production, filming & editing: Mattia Napoli, Alessandro Pietrantonio, Nicolo' Dragoni, Andrea Bertola. animation effects: Andrea Bertola
graphic design & tuning: Riccardo Sorgente, Claudio Mezzo, Massimo Tanganelli, Andrea Pugliese at 515

Thank you for reading.
Luca Pilutza
ABARTH / branding, branded contents & filming

ABARTH / branding, branded contents & filming