Lovin Community
Custom Modules, Migration, Upgrade & DevOps

Built several Custom Drupal Extensions and Plugins that Extend the functionality of Open Social, Groups, Rules, & Form Mode Manager Modules:
 - group_custom_rules
 - group_role_condition
 - group_custom_form_mode_manager​​​​​​​

Provided DevOps services:
 - Choosing and migrating to a host that was a better fit for the project (Acquia --> Cloudways)
 - Implementing a Development workflow, using Docksal (local Dev Env) and Gitlab (private repo)
 - Created Custom Docksal init script that builds the local Development Environment and replicates data, config, and files from Production Environment
 - Upgraded Open Social distribution (profile), cleaned and merged configuration so that the system properly utilizes updated features