Managing Headaches
If the head is disturbed, the whole body is disturbed. Headaches are a common medical complaint around the world. Headache can affect our daily life badly. With a bad headache it is very difficult to maintain concentration on any task. The headache consumes the blood vessels, muscles and nerves of the head and neck. Headache can be in any region of the head or the neck. It can occur as sharp throbbing pain as well as the tension type headaches. Headaches most of the times are preventable and treatable unless it is a very rare case. The tension type headaches are the most common and irritating headaches.
The tension headache
Tension headaches are so common, they are termed as normal headaches. Tension headaches are due to the tight muscles of the shoulders, neck, scalp and jaw. The tension headache can be felt at the back of the head, at the front and even behind the eyes. The duration and severity varies from person to person. These headaches are not there to stay permanently. The patient can get rid of these with some effort.
Tension headache, signs symptoms
Most of the people having tension headache report to have dull and aching pain in certain areas of the head and neck. The forehead and the back of the head are under constant pressure due to tightness of the muscles. The scalp, neck and the shoulders become tender.
Why tension headache?
Tension headache occurs because of a number of factors. The most common reason for tension headache is, poor posture and stress. Poor posture can be due to prolong period of sitting in the same position. Using the computers, laptops and smart phones for a long time in the same position can cause the muscles of the head and the neck to be tender and restless. If this stress and posture issue is not taken care of immediately, the pain can be passed on to other muscles of the body. The muscles of the neck start to get weak.
If the pain occurs more 15 times in a month, it is an alarming situation. It can lead to chronic tension headache that requires immediate and proper treatment. If the headache occurs for less than 15 times a month, it is called episodic tension headaches. But since tension headaches are not genetic they can be cured.
Prevention and treatment
Headaches can be treated by simple painkillers such as paracetamol. But these painkillers are no permanent solution to the problem. They just fade the pain for the time being, but since the reason behind the headache is still alive, the pain will come back soon. The posture should be corrected every then and now. Stretching in every 30 minutes can help maintain the posture.
Do it yourself
Low-impact exercise can help relieve the pain that is due to primary headaches. But in case of immense throbbing pain, heavy exercises should be avoided. Instead the patient should try engaging in walking and low aerobic exercises. Along with this teeth clenching should also avoided. It results in stress at the joint that connects the jaws to the skull. If this joint is irritated, it can also cause tension headache. Above all, maintaining the water content of the bod is very important. Dehydration should be avoided, especially during summers.
Chiropractic treatment
The stress on the system can relieved by chiropractic manipulation of the spine.  Nutritional changes can also help such as addition of B complex vitamins. Chiropractic adjustments can help a lot in relieving the pain and getting rid of the stress that is causing this pain.