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The Three C's Of Search Engine Optimization: Confidence, Commandery, Construction
When it comes to search engine optimization and the many ways to place yourself at the top of the charts when a particular term or phrase is searched, there are many aspects that come to mind. In order to be at the top of any search engine is to follow the three C's: confidence, commandery, and construction. Let's take a look at just what these mean for search engine optimization today.
When it comes to being a search engine chart-topper there must be a sense of confidence in what you are presenting. In other words, your site must have content and connections that will make it trustworthy. by coming off as trustworthy this means you as the website originator must participate with the consumers. Whether responding to emails or replying to reviews about your particular site on Google. These are all ways that will instill confidence in a consumer that their concerns are being heard by you. Also by participating in the public arena by volunteering time at local community events or even if it's assisting other business-related persons on their social media platform. These are just some of the few things that can be done buy you to instill confidence in the hearts and minds of the consumers. When a person visits the website, they should feel confident about doing business with you. With this being the case confidence is definitely a key to having search engine optimization today.
Commandery is a word that defines authority. By having authority in a particular field this will make you the go-to person for whatever industry you are in. Just think about it for a minute. Before there was any type of internet where a person can search for something when they had a question they went to the nearest authority. Rarely does a person place their trust in the words of someone who is not an authority. From simply asking for directions to looking for the latest fashion, a consumer will always rely upon the words of the authoritative person. Normally such a person is called the go-to. Having a commanding presence means that you are known as the person to be sought out for whatever reason that may be. In today's world, there are so many websites that do not focus on having the authority and this makes it an open game. Your website must have content in other words the content must be relevant. With relevance comes the ability to utilize other informational sources. Such sources are most commonly called links.
Construction describes the way the website is presented and the content therein. Having superb content is an awesome way to go when it comes to being at the top in search engine optimization. Innovation and presentation are great because being seen as standing apart from the crowd of whatever industry or topic you are in only adds credibility to your in the content therein. Being able to design content and presented in a way that is better than the competition will only generate interest and appeal. Everyone wants to be a part of something new and popular. With great content, this is sure the way to achieve such an ambition. The construction of the content on the website itself is what will stand out among the masses.