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DESTINY 2: WARMIND - Opening Cinematic
Motion Graphics
Intro cinematic for Destiny 2: Warmind
Directed by Sava Zivkovic
Produced at Axis Animation
Executive Producer – Debbie Ross
Producer – Nicole Anderson
Art Director – Paul Scott Canavan
CGI Supervisor – Pierre Gobilliard
Developers – Bungie, Vicarious Visions
Publisher – Activision
In October 2017, much to my disbelief and delight, I started working as an offsite director at Axis Animation, a UK based company that specializes in producing AAA game trailers and cinematic content. This Opening Cinematic for Destiny 2: Warmind is the result of my first collaboration with Axis.

We worked closely with the game developers, Bungie and Vicarious Visions, to create the intro sequence based on the script provided by Bungie. My involvement started very early on, with developing my own vision of the script, depicted by a 3d previz. This initial previz, as I’ve found out later on, was incredibly helpful with scoping the project and knowing what kind of roadblocks we might encounter later on.  

The entire production lasted 12 amazing weeks, in which I’ve been able to learn and grow together with an incredible team of artists, and I’m truly humbled to have been a part of this experience, so a huge thank you to everyone at Axis!
For those that have been following my work, you know that I like to include a lot of process imagery, but the nature of this project restricts us from showing any of the process images and videos unfortunately. Instead feel free to scroll through some of the personally selected stills that depict some of the key moments in Warmind opening cinematic. Enjoy! 

Director: Sava Zivkovic
Executive Producer: Debbie Ross
Producer: Nicole Anderson
Art Director: Paul Scott Canavan
CGI Supervisor: Pierre Gobilliard
Production Coordinator: Matthew Cowan
Production Manager: Debbie Ferguson

HOD's: Hudson Martins Ribeiro, Jon Beeston, Ewan Wright, Bruce Sutherland, Jon Neill, Mario Aquaro

Storyboard Artist: Ernest Agulló Galilea
Previz/Layout: Andrew Van Der Walt
Environment Artists: Chris Livesey, James Hodgart, Ronnie Chan, Abby Barr, Craig Herbertson, Dima Kremiansky
Character Artists: Kirill Boutourlin, Carlo Kasongo, Camille Fourniols
Shading Wizard: Sergio Caires
Rigging: Harry Houghton, Guillaume Gilbaud, Marco Baldi
Animation: Kevin McDade, Luke Smith, David Mourato, Dani Calleja, Felix Vivier
Motion Graphics: Martin Aggerholm
FX: Jayden Patterson, Dennis Schmidt, Corbin Mayne, Philipp Buschauer
Digital Matte Painting: Steven Cormann 
Lighting/Compositing: Nick Leonard, Marco Doerner, Lucile Vampouille, Aurelien Hulot, John Barclay, Alexandre Berger
Editors: Louise McGregor, Stephen Mulholland   

Produced at Axis Animation

DESTINY 2: WARMIND - Opening Cinematic

DESTINY 2: WARMIND - Opening Cinematic

Intro cinematic for Destiny 2: Warmind --------------------------------------------------- Directed by Sava Zivkovic Produced at Axis Animation - Read More
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