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The Peninsula Boutique – Timeless Gifts to Treasure

Premiere Pro

The Peninsula hotel group owns and manages some of the most beautiful
accommodations across the globe: from New York to Hong Kong, from Paris to Manila.
We have been asked to create a visual dream to showcase the new capsule collection,
exclusive to the Peninsula Boutique, consisting of leather keychains, a golden bag
chain with charms and a lacquered treasure box. 

We built a magic miniature world of polished gold and luxurious green, hidden inside
the velvet linings of the treasure box, where the accessories have a life of their own.

We took inspiration directly from the hotels to recreate the Peninsula experience in our studio:
white marble floors, luxurious plants, elegant wall panelings and polished gold embellishments.

The Rolls Royce and the Mini - all painted the iconic Peninsula green - are seen riding
along a paper carousel of the Hong Kong Victoria Harbor and then diving down a golden slide,
reminiscent of Oscar Niemeyer’s monumental masterpieces.

Follow us in this this fantasy world of luxury.

Behind the scenes

Client: The Peninsula hotel group
Project: Peninsula Boutique – Timeless Gifts to Treasure

Produced & Directed by: Happycentro
Art Direction: Federico Galvani
Set design & Photography: Federico Padovani
Props Design: Linda Michelon, Federico Padovani, Anna Rodighiero, Erica Zipoli
Editing & Compositing: Federico Galvani & Erik Righetti
Sound Design: TVCulture
Making Of Soundtrack: “Arpeggiato Mon Amour” by Federico Galvani

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The Peninsula Boutique – Timeless Gifts to Treasure