This project was a collaboration between myself and The Uncool Crowd.
We found each other out of a natural love for the band The 1975. Trading pins and discovering similar interest the idea of a collaboration pin turn into something we both never planned.
Once it became clear we were creating something beyond a simple pin. We started to evolve the idea of a group. like a fan club but less official and very underground, A secret society. This carried on to build the foundation of the Robbers Society. The name chosen from a hit song with a cult music video following.

A small group of like minded fans that communicate with each other not through social media but through an email chain. The sets were limited to 100 at first so the society would remain small. Hoping to grow larger numbers in the future.

The membership set included:
A membership card
Insignia lapel pin
Society Bandana
I designed every aspect of the project, with help in art direction from my friend Devin. The insignia pin is a classic tattoo design borrowed from the singer. The bandana features a ton of hidden details that relate back to the band and the society itself.

Following in the steps of the band and wanting to make this project more authentic. I went to the town where they filmed the music video and used the real locations for all the lifestyle photos and video. It was shot and edited with the help of Alyssa Rydell, who also stars in the video with myself.

La Poesie est dans La Rue
Robbers Society

Robbers Society

Starting as a basic pin collaboration, this project grew literally from coast to coast and has now spread to countries across the globe. Robbers Read More