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Basics That You Need To Know About Amazon Marketing Services
If we look at Amazon now, it is the platform which is offering everything you can ever imagine. Amazon started its operations in bookselling. And now, it has moved towards selling everything included in retail. It has even opened physical stores in different parts of the country. Since it is mainly a search engine of ecommerce, it was quite understandable for an advertising platform to be developed. This advertising platform is known as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and it is believed to have all that potential to facilitate effective AMAZON seo and Marketing.

Although this program has been there for a while, people rarely talk about it. Given the fact that this platform can be helpful in letting the people know more about advertising on Amazon, it would be worth having a discussion about this platform here.
The similarities between AMS and PPC
Before we talk about similarities between two platforms, it is important to mention that AMS is not as robust as PPC because PPC has been there in the online world for quite a period. Thus, it has gone through major and minor tweaks which make PPC an effective way of advertising on the web. Still, there are similarities which AMS share with PPC. And it can be considered as a good start by Amazon.

The similarities between the both are as under.

1. Both of these programs are keyword-driven.
2. Both AMS and PPC have an application program interface (API)
3. Since both of these programs have flaws, there are opportunities for innovation
4. Both of these programs recommend users to go with automatic-campaign option
Manual approach remains to be the best
If you are working with AMS or PPC, you don’t need to hand this task over to an advertising agency because automatic campaigns are much easier to manage. Most of the people think that Amazon and Google discourage third party advertising agencies because they hate such agencies. This is not really the case. Automatic campaigns are easier to set up, and lack of experience is not a barrier that advertisers need to be worried about.

Nevertheless, this is also the fact that automatic campaigns are not that attractive for the end users. So, you should go for the manual campaign if you want to get bigger traffic and better results. But, it doesn’t also mean that you should not go for the automated advertising Amazon. The matter of fact is that you shouldn’t consider manual campaign if you are working on your first advertising campaign on Amazon.
Reporting, testing and optimizing
Amazon Marketing Services may not be that robust as Google’s AdWords when it comes to reporting, testing and optimizing but it is the certainly something which you can use in order to enhance your online sales on Amazon. Furthermore, this feature is now going to be tried and tested with the passage of time. Hence, there is no way for this platform to succeed other than improving.