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    We were asked to help convince your IT, your Finance and your Manager to Go Google. B2B messaging with a personal feel.
Has Your Company Gone Google?
What are you waiting for?
Google came to us with a challenge to make the tangible benefits of 'Going Google' user friendly, and direct. Hard facts with a soft and fun delivery with the intention of showing business leaders the significant savings of using Google's productivity applications.

Everyone agreed that it was a success. With 350,000 views in the first 2 days, it is one of the most visited marketing sites for Google to date. More directly - Google went from 1MM to 3MM businesses using Google apps since the campaign has gone live. You know it's serious when job listings require Google Apps knowledge versus Microsoft Office.

We drank the cool-aid and made use of Google Docs by saving the site take-aways to it directly in any of 3[!] methods - Presentation PDF, Poster Format and even an XLS file for the number nerds. In addition to that, we made the site fully available [presentation and outputs] in 7 localized languages.

Thanks go out to the great minds at WeLikeSmall in helping bring this experience to fruition.

Site: http://www.gonegoogle.com
Site Walkthrough
By answering just a couple questions, the calculator guides the user through their potential savings.