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    TAJ MAHAL: The Font Please play the soundtrack while viewing. {Zakir Hussain Alla Rakha Tabla Jugalbandi} No copyright infringement intended. … Read More
    TAJ MAHAL: The Font Please play the soundtrack while viewing. {Zakir Hussain Alla Rakha Tabla Jugalbandi} No copyright infringement intended. "Mysteries of the world" It's a lesser known fact that the Taj Mahal was once a fort that belonged to a Rajput king. This font is dedicated to those secret chambers that i wish to break into, to find out the ugly truth, hidden beneath all the beauty. Is it purely the symbol of true love? Or was it the immortalization of ego? I based my project on an assignment given to our typography class. The assignment was to choose any one mystery of the world, be inspired by it and create either a font, typeface or expressive typography. Actually, we were given the creative freedom to do anything as long as belonged to typography or calligraphy in anyway whatsoever. At first I was mesmerized by the stories I read about Egypt and its relation to alien invasion. There was a point where I was obsessing over anything remotely related to aliens or space invasion. In the bargain I gained a lot of random information about crop circles, the worm hole, the black hole, galaxies etc. I discovered a little alien geek residing within myself. But, I did not end up taking this topic further as in my mind I had solved ‘the mystery’ and it wasn't ‘mysterious’ to me anymore. So I wandered about looking for another mystery to solve. And I remembered that my teacher once said something about the Taj Mahal not being a mausoleum, once during some lecture. Well, what can I say! It pays to be attentive in class! So I poked my nose, mainly on the internet, to sniff out some valuable information about the mystery behind the Taj Mahal and I was surprised to stumble upon very limited information pertaining to this topic. Mostly from a book written by Proff. P. N Oak. [Please Note: the following information is sourced and not figments of my imagination neither are they my take on any topic whatsoever. I have no intention to hurt any sentiments by printing the same.] Mr. Oak’s along with the BBC’s theories appear to have some foundation to say that the Taj Mahal was never a tomb. The photographs listed below are taken from an album that was found in India. On the back of each photo there is a stamp mark that says, "Copyright Archaeology Survey of India." This signifies that they may have been the property of that institution, or that they had researched the evidence that shows the Taj Mahal and many other buildings may not have been of Muslim origin. Thus, it would be good if they could open up further research into areas of the Taj Mahal that would reveal the true nature and originality of the buildings. The design intent was a reflection of my feelings. I was disturbed by the fact that my history text books were a lie. And so I imagined linear forms mixed with thick and rigid forms. Sort of like a slap on the face of elegance. Read Less
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This is what inspired my designs.
The Postcard.
The Brief on The Postcard.
The Grid:
I found my grid in the architectural plan of the main structure of the Taj Mahal. It was an interesting form, and I thought it would be a good idea.
The Hard Work:
Once these were done I began vectorising the selected ones and worked on those for over a month. I tweaked and re-tweaked designs to obtain the perfect letter forms. Here’s where all my research about devnagari script helped. One has to have a good understanding about the original shapes of each letter form to be able to distort them to perfection.
The Devnagari Font.
Its Latin Counterpart.
[This  font was so well received by everyone around, I decided to step it up a notch and design a matching Latin script ]
The Magic Poster:
The repitition of each number symbol is directly proportionate to its value.
The Ring Stamps.
The 3D Poster:
This poster becomes an abstract tear-&-fold  paper model of the Taj Mahal.
This is what the poster looks liek from behind.
A visual demo.
The Wondrous Frame.
The Zaftig Bag #1
The Zaftig Bag #2
Stylised Numericals.
The Baronial Jewels.
This is a concept sheet for an idea for a cafe and its chair.
[work in progress]
I envisioned a structure to be built near the Taj Mahal that would be both a café as well as a souvenir store. I think it would work well, keeping in mind the number of tourist that visit the monument every day.
Pictorial Representation Only