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    Icons of media technology. Blown, to have a look into. Interaction on www.staudinger-franke.com
Icons of media technology. Blown, to have a look into.
Hasselblad 500 EL/M 
In 1969 the first manned mission landed on the Moon including a Hasselblad EL. The EL/M was introduced in 1971 and provided a user-interchangeable screen.
Polaroid "Onestep" 1000
The Polaroid Land Camera 1000 is a consumer camera, was launched in 1977 and produced till 1980. It uses SX-70 integral film and was available in severeal models distinguising in the way of focusing (fixed, zone-focus, autofocus).
Sony Walkman TPS-L2
In 1979 Sony introduced with the TPS-L2 the first commercially available personal stereo cassette player, the beginning of the 30 years lasting era of the Walkman.
Apple Macintosh SE
The Mac SE was a popular personal computer introduced in 1987 and produced till 1990. It was the first Apple computer with an internal drive bay for a hard drive.
Eumig 880 PMA
The 880 PMA was a 8mm movie camera produced by the Austrian company Eumig, introduced in 1976. PMA stands for the optional Panorama-Makro-Aspheric wide angle converter, a lens without barrel or fisheye distortion at an focal length of 15mm in the 35mm film standard. This was a world innovation at this time.
Interactive still shot responds to movement of the mouse.