A personal project to redesign the book covers to some of my favourite novels. The idea was conceived after reading an article explaining how Alice's Adventures In Wonderland contains many subtle, near subliminal references to mathematics. I then decided to try to communicate other complex themes from other books using a single shape. As a recurring element I decided to use impossible shapes based on the Penrose Triangle, and brought these together with an Art Deco inspired art style to create each cover.
The negative space inside the shape on the cover forms and addition sign, a hidden reference similar to the ones Carrol placed in the novel.
Deco inspired elements used on the cover are continued within the book.
The shape here reflects the obscure narrative structure of the Cloud Atlas, and has visual connotations of a time glass.
The elements used on the cover are repeated on the spine...
...and on the back.
The shape here reflects a key turning point in my favourite novel, The End of Mr. Y.
The books are designed with a continual visual style throughout, to create a series that can be added to at a later date.
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