Pizza Hut - Sightings
Cannes Lions 2018 Submission

Pizza Hut is the original, well-loved chain of American style pizza restaurants. 
They were first established in 1958, and given this long history the Red Roof of the Pizza Hut sign is now as instantly recognizable in the UK as the ‘golden arches’. 

Working closely with Gary Fawcett, our Executive Creative Director, I created three images that made a simple visual connection between the unusual shape of the sign and the shape of another type of famous ‘sighting’ that people started to see in the night sky in the 1950s - UFOs.

This campaign was selected by TBWA group for entry into the Cannes Lions Awards 2018.

Agency: TBWA\Manchester
Executive Creative Director: Gary Fawcett
Executive Creative Director: Lisa Nichols
Business Director: Mark Bostock
Designer: Danny Bickerton
Retouching: Phill Buckland